Born To Create


Every single one of us was born to create. Whether you know it or not, the creative substance from which we were all forged has always been the guiding force to bring forth our happiness and our sadness.

We are all creative whether we believe we are or not, and our purpose is to create the life we wish to live. Every thought we have is creative and geared to produce an outcome whether it is positive or negative.

I used to think I was not creative at all, in my teens I started making up so many stories in my head how I was not good enough and how I did not deserve to be loved. I punished myself for so many years until I realized it was all false beliefs. The funny thing is that these stories I made up in my head took a lot of creativity to make up, even though I didn’t think I was creative at all.

Now I use my creativity to bring happiness into my life one creative thought at a time. Remember you were born to create.

born to create poster

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